How to Increase Your Market Value as an Escort

If you are an escort who wants to earn more, then you need to know how to increase your market value. You have a value, and this one can be decreased or increased according to many variables. On this article we will tell you everything about it, so you can shot your market-value up and start putting more cash into your pockets.

Think Beyond Sex:

Escorts who are only good for sex are the ones who don’t gain really big earnings. If you want to bank hard on this industry, then you need to think beyond sex. That’s right. You need to think past that, otherwise you won’t increase your value.

First off, you must understand that even though sex is very important, for many men it’s not the unique “skill” they are looking for. If you want to attract millionaire clients or wealthy men, then you need to offer more. Because lots of them want to hire escorts because they want a gorgeous woman they can present in an important meeting or event for example.

Location, Location, Location

Where you work will make a big difference to your income. For example, City escorts can sap into the wealthy, businessman market and charge high fees, which is not possible in smaller towns. For example, escorts in Kent are generally a little cheaper than those in central London.


You need to speak many languages. For example, if you speak German then you can work with wealthy clients who come from Germany for example. In fact, German is considered to be one of the most profitable languages, and that also includes your industry.

The more languages you speak the more valuable you will be. Your services will be worth a lot more and clients won’t have any problem paying what you ask for.

Your Appearance:

If you want to earn big time from being an escort, then you need to work on your appearance. The more fit you look, the more chances you will have of landing excellent clients. You need to be as sexy as possible, therefore having a good diet and working out regularly is a must.

You need to invest in your appearance, so if your boobs are not your strongest point, you should also consider getting some implants. But be aware that some clients don’t like it, so think wisely about it.

You don’t need to spend 2-3 hours in the gym. By working out with calisthenics 40-50 minutes per day 4 times a week you can sculpt a very feminine and attractive physique. Your clients don’t want a crossfit champion, they just want a sexy and feminine woman. If you please their desires, then you will earn a lot of money.

So here you have it. If you want to earn a lot of money from this, then you only need to work on your appearance and on your skills, that’s how you will fill your pockets with plenty of money.