Dating Girls With Unusual Sex Toys

Why You Should Never Be Put Off by Her Toy Collection

Sex toys aren’t a replacement for the real thing. They’re just accessories – and ones that you can use to embellish your sex life.

Today’s dating landscape is very different to what it was twenty, or even just ten years ago. We’re much more upfront about sex and relationships that we once were, and women in particular have had a big sexual awakening. Many ladies own sex toys – and not just one run of the mill vibrator either! So if your new flame has a collection of sex toys that are a little ‘out there’, what should you do? Well, you should embrace it!

So, she’s got some toys

You’ve been on a date or two, you’re getting along really well, and you’ve made it as far as the bedroom. Just as things are getting steamy, you catch sight of her sex toy collection and aren’t quite sure what to think! Well, take a moment and just think about what it reveals about your woman. She’s assertive, adventurous in the bedroom and definitely doesn’t like to just stick to the norm. Now, who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Talking things through

When it comes to using the sex toys, communication is key. You may not be as experienced with toys as your new lover – but don’t be afraid to be upfront about that. After all, practise makes perfect, and your girlfriend is sure to want to teach you a few things! Before you do though, make clear which toys you don’t want to try just yet. Some things do need a little bit of working up to, and it’s important to only try things that you are comfortable with.

Trying something new

Once you’ve established some boundaries, have a look through your girlfriend’s collection of toys together. You’ll probably spot some things you’re familiar with in there – a vibrator, some handcuffs, a cock ring. It’s bound to be some of the other, more unusual things that really pique your interest though. Perhaps it’s a strap-on that you’re curious about your partner using on you, or a butt plug if you’re not feeling quite that brave. Or maybe you’d like to pleasure her with something – an extra-large dildo perhaps? Whatever takes your fancy, agree to try it that night. If she’s got enough, you might be able to try a different toy every night that week!

Let’s do a little shopping!

Shopping together for sex toys is really fun, and allows you to broaden your horizons a little. There are plenty of unusual sex toys out there for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find something to add her collection. You could do some shopping on your own and surprise her too – she’ll certainly appreciate that. Whether you shop on the high street or online, there are sex toys for every possible taste. The only issue you’ll have is trying not to buy too many!

You’ll soon be a convert

Sex toys aren’t a replacement for sex – they can be used as a way to spice up an already active love life. So if you do find out that your new girlfriend uses them regularly, don’t be put off. Instead, ask to join in with the fun. Using toys together will boost your confidence in the bedroom, and you’ll soon be starting a collection of your own!